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And because Im a liar.... [16 Apr 2012|04:14pm]
I said I would update more and I havent been waaaah
I guess the newest news is that I got engaged! Pretty crazy stuff there.
No wedding in sight, I guess we'll have to see how that works out... too much to think about at the moment.
Im very sad lately because I miss all of my friends =( waaaaah and Im too crazy busy with this business of mine to leave the house and see everyone. This is due mainly to the fact that I now have a full time job at an accessories company in long island. I thought it iportant to catalogue that event, being that I will probably not be there all that long. ha
Me and day jobs dont always work out so well, but this one seems okay... for now. We'll see.

Other than that, I just got back from Israel which was actually a lot of fun. We did so much, and its amazing how much things have changed since I've been there last twelve years ago.

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Ruvry Earrings. [02 Dec 2011|12:40am]
Well I decided that since my life is the edited scenes from "Ghost Wolrd" that I should start documenting them somewhere incase I ever sit still long enough to write that book everyone always says I should write. And guess what livejournal... you win.
So in doing hair for so many odd and random jobs that I seem to pick up in and around NYC, I encounter a lot of awesome random people as well as get to see and experience a lot of weird things.
Today's shoot was with an Australian author... she mostly writes books about how to host an amazing cocktail party on a budget, being a single gal, etc. She was really sweet, super quirky, and wanted me to make her look like "Audrey Hepburn on steroids". Done deal.
I had a lot of fun constructing this skyskraper of a hairdo for her, and she wants me to create it in weave format so she can apply it herself for media appearances, etc.
How funny. Today we shot for the cover of her newest book, and she looked adorable.
So today's randomness happened when the photographer had 2 assistants, both 20-something asian guys who were pretty fresh to NY from China. My client had left a few things at her place that we needed to complete the look for the shoot, so the photographer was sending her assistants to retrieve said items from random stores; pink frosted cupcakes,a booze bottle and costume pearl earrings. I was in the middle of aqua-netting (yes, that's a verb) the crap out of the monument I had created on top of this woman's head, when I heard the bizarre cell phone exchange between a grocery clerk at Whole Foods and the photographer. Apparently the super asian assistant just randomly went to wholefoods to try and retrieve the items, and put them on the phone to expedite the process. After I finished with the hair and my client was ready for makeup, I was aksed to go with this guy to try and find the earrings and booze bottle (he did succeed with cupcakes after much interpretation).
So there we were, strolling out of the building on a beautiful Thursday afternoon, me trying to make candid conversation. The superasian guy, who I believe to be named Kyle, was telling me about China, where he lived, how he missed it, how he lived in Flushing, which is pretty much the same thing, yadda yadda. I start asking him about what he used to do in China, and he said he went to music school for vocals, and after much back and forth and hand gesturing and 20 questions, I gathered that he was an opera singer. How cool is that??!! I never really thought much about there being opera in China, I guess the subject just never ever entered my brain but I suppose there is. Then Kyle and I went into TJ Maxx to see if they had any pearl earrings, no luck. What an outter body experience! haha
Then we hailed a cab and went downtown to Claire's, and I kept trying to convince him to hail a cab in his opera voice, which apparently was hillarious to Kyle. He then told me I looked like Madonna, and how in China, the country has a joke that they call Madonna, "McDonald's" and how its really funy. Which I still do not fully understand. Did I mention Kyle was wearing a collared shirt with 2 rows of silver sequins? Because he definitely was.
He also did his Lady Gaga impression for me which was awesome.
We returned to the studio, high-fived, and went back with the goods. After the shoot was over, I asked the photographer if she knew about his opera background, and we all chanted for him to sing some opera for us- and he did! We had been shooting in a basement studio and the acustics were so crazy, it echoed everywhere! He was actually amazing, though it was so loud I couldnt decifer what language he was singing in.
Such a random day, and yet only half worth the 2 1/2 hrs of traffic I sat in to participate in it all.

Since I am now documenting my life, I have to go back to last weekend, when I was doing hair for a Dominican wedding. I swear I am still cleaning the curling iron from that one! So much hair!!!
I always try to strike up some sort of conversation, to be pleasant and just try and make the client feel more comfortable. The third bridesmaid of the morning was like pulling teeth. She mentioned that she had a baby girl, so I decided to try to run with that topic. "Whats the baby's name?" to which she replied... "Najah" pronounced "nausea". Seriously?????
She was inspired by her pregnancy?? "wow thats different".
It was actually super funny because at Thanksgiving, my friend Lynda was telling me about a girl she knew naming her kid "Latrine".
I think Najah and Latrine need a play date asap.
Not to mention, Najah had a cousin, that was definitely half black and half Dominican named Arian. Eh it keeps things interested... but it's too bad these are people and not puppies and every job application that says Latrine for that poor girl's future is going to get a great response.
On a completely unrelated side note, I had a really isnane dream last night that Beetlejuice was trying to get into my mom's house on Halloween, and we were terrified. It was so strange and scary that I woke up sweating and still totally into it.
Hopefully I will remember to keep writing on here, and this wont be hit and run post! if there is anyone else out there in livejournal land that still reads this thing, Im sorry. haha

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Almost one year since the last update.... [27 Feb 2011|10:00am]
So thanks to some weirdo sending me spam, and an email notifying me, it made me remember my livejournal! And inspired this update. I now live in Huntington, in Long Island with my most wonderful boyfriend in the world, Dan and our 3 crazy dogs; Ramona and Brutus and his Boxer, Bella. We just got a house, which is incredible! I love not having anyone above or below me, its amazing. AND..... a washer and dryer. For someone living in NYC area for 8 years, thats HUGE. So yay for life improvements!
I have been doing sooooOOooO much hair. For weddings, photo shoots, pinup, everything! I love it. I always wish I would have gone that way to begin with. But Dressed to Kill is doing awesome. We just launched the new site after 2 years of tearing out my hair...
www.dressedtokillclothing.com. It turned out exactly how I wanted! We're getting ready to launch huge advertisments, so we are expecting a ton more retail business, and already have lots of wholesale. Yay for that.
So I guess things are going really well. I dont even know who is still out here in Livejournal land, but stop by and say hello!

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[05 Dec 2006|05:24pm]
It is with my last bit of sanity that I present to you.......

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Dressed to Kill Clothing has its first line out on the website. Now of course this is the biggest step and Im so excited, and I think ill keep my mile long list of gripes about it to myself- im my own worst enemy. SO THERE IT FUCKING IS, FOLKS. More in the works, more to come and bigger and BETTER photoshoots very soon.

Other that, I think Ive been busier than I have ever been in my entire life in the passed 2 weeks. Between working, the company, and finals, I have not even had a minute. I have spent hours on the computer jsut working on crap, stopping to eat and see Matt for a little while. INSANE.
Im happy though, so long as I graduate. So yay.

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[24 Nov 2006|09:27pm]
A woman came into the store today and she reeked of babypowder. So Label yelled for me to help her get a coat down from the rack. I ask her which one she wants, and she looks at me startled, then says "I have to use my cell phone" and goes flying out of the store. I head towards the front of the store to see where she went when the stench hits me: Smelled like steaming heaps of shit. So Im disgusted and confused, all at the same time. She comes back in the store, we walk to the back of the store again where she was originally standing, and it was like the smell was just sitting there waiting for her to come back. It didnt move. And ya know, not that the store smells like roses in the first place, but actual shit and mothballs really do combine to entice the senses. She buys the coat, and leaves. I say to Label "DID YOU SMELL THAT WOMAN??? I think she farted! It stinks!" He sits there a minute, doesnt say anything, says "ya know I think its getting colder outside", and then went around straightening the store. 10 minutes later, he comes up to me and goes "SHE FUCKIN STINKS, DID SHE HAVE SHIT IN HER POCKET?? Shes got powder and shit and she might have farted!!!!!!!!!!!!" I was hysterical. Yet another reason why working with a senile 70 year old man rules.

Chloe and I went into the attic and there was so much vintage barkcloth I could have died a happy woman, then and there. It was like my own personal dreamsequence. I got an amazing barkcloth panel with these leaves, almost a leopard print, and dancing women, all in that unbelievable vat print style. *swoon* Why is this sick?

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[07 Nov 2006|07:38pm]
Oh today Im 24....
But somehow... Im exactly the same
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Happy Birthday Me.

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The coffee of doom [19 Oct 2006|02:16pm]
So I once had this coffee drink that literally made me insane. Kate and I got it from the Greek place around the corner, and I drank the whole thing.

Now, I never ever drink coffee, and if Im ever feeling especially rebelious, Ill drink some chocolately coffee concoction from the D&D. Well yesterday morning, Kate and Meagan and I went to the Greek bakery for breakfast, or just to get coffee. I decided Id try the frappe again- the weirdo coffee with chocolate ice cream. I only drank half-

We came home, I went into the "coffee hole" as I like to call it, which is almost equivelent to fetal position, Meagan started scouring the kitchen, and Kate was just shaking a little. They left the house, I stayed home and was fixated on the computer for the entire day, talking to my intern.
I was shaking, sweating, and running to the bathroom every 10 minutes. Im so glad we dont do drugs, because Id be afraid to see what would happen.
So combined with my lack of sleep from my horrible horrible bed, I was a maniac. Literally, I almost cut off my hair at one point in the day, contemplated just hanging out on the roof and possibly jumping, or just walking until I couldnt walk anymore. My thoughts were racing and ridiculous and I couldnt stop shaking/my heart rate wouldnt slow down. By the time matt got home at like... 6? I was still manic. So I put on some music, grabbed a book of crossword puzzles, and took a bath for 2 hours. THAT calmed me down. Moral of the story, Im never drinking the CRACK COFFEE again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So to elaborate on my insomnia.... The other night I was trying to sleep to no avail- it was 3:30 AM and we dont have cable in the bedroom. SO, I was watching this local trivia game show that came on at night, to avoid watching infomercials. The game was like a crossword, and the clue was "A female celebrity" P-R-S H-L---N
FOR 500 CLAMS- NAME THE CELEBRITY. So im all crazy, sitting there at 3 am screaming "paris hilton!" at the tv, and i decide im going to call the flashing phone number at the bottom of the screen. I cant get through- and not because it was busy, but because it said it wasnt a valid number. So then they say you can text message them- and i did. However, they text me back saying that there is $1 charge and if I want to approve, text back "YES". And i did. I figure - what the hell- if i win $500 it wont matter, right? WELL I DIDNT WIN. And I was shocked.
Then there was another game, but I only tried calling for that one. Ridiculous. eVENTUally, I fell asleep.

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Everything you didnt care to know [17 Oct 2006|11:56am]
So its been a long time since Ive written in this thing, and I thought I might give it a whirl. The topics discussed today will include:
1. The rest of my life
2. Vintage Dildoos
3. Umberto in October
4. What I did on my summer vacation
5. Our bed- my problem
6. Getting My Act Together
7. Hey Momerita
8. Business has no feelings
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
1.Im graduating in May *crosses fingers*, if I dont eff things up and pass all my classes. This freaks me out, eventhough its all I ever wanted- to not be in school. The weird thing is, school is always a buffer zone, like "Well, I cant do anything until Im outta school"..."I have to live in one place because Im still in school" etc. BUT YA KNOW WHAT? Come May- I dont HAVE to do anything. I become like a regular person with a piece of paper saying I paid too much and wasted my time to be worth something yayy!!! So whats my next move??? I-DONT-KNOW! I feel anxious all the time and like I have to do something drastic the minute the diploma hits hand. Of course, Im sure Ill still be on the couch watching Maury and eating reeses, but my brain is still in 4 million directions.
I once went on some dates with this guy who was just graduating college, and he went nuts. I didnt get it. Im like whats the big deal??? But ya know, its not that, its the fear of "here is the rest of my life- im a real person not this weird inbetween kid phase". So here are a few options of what I might want to do:

A. (and probably the most likely) WORK MY ASS OFF RIGHT NOW getting Dressed to Kill Clothing on its way to success! Then hope and pray that it is enough of a business that when I graduate, I dont have to get a sucky job. If i have to, get some part time job and work on my business, and live in NYC. For a while.

B. Pick up and move to Baltimore, work on the business and save money on rent and living, and maybe have a part time job, and meet John Waters. If I have to get a job, Ill work at a Goodwill as a manager and reep all the benefits of first dibs on vintage crap I dont need.

C. Pick up and move to some weird state in the midwest, get a job at a thrift shop and collect everything. Work on business. Have lots of puppies.

D. Get an airstream and travel the country picking up vintage crap I dont need and see where the wind takes me.

E. Move to another country, and do something there. Love me some Australia.

You can vote on what you want to happen to my life, if you want at www.watchericafuckeverythingup.com

2.Im working at a Vintage Store on Saturdays now, in Chinatown. Its pretty fun, being I get to work with a 70 year old Jewish man that is hillarious. He and I have too much in common. His name is Label. Last week he told my friend who manages the store that he liked getting his prostate checked. Then she offered to stick her finger up his butt for $1000, and he said "I dont need that! Ill just get me one of those DILDOOs for 35 cents!" I was dying.....

3.The other night I wanted Thanksgiving now, so we went out and got a turkey, named him Umberto and cooked him up. It was quite the feast- thanks to Kate for her hard work and sweet potato pie (that wasnt pumpkin). Thems eats.

4.I never wrote about tour, but it was so amazing. 2 weeks on the road with lots of fun boys, and meeting new people every night. I loved it. I especially loved our hosts in Kentucky- The Nailers. Doug and Stacia were the best, and now we'll have friends forever. I think that letting 13 of us stay in their house for a week was beyond nice, but would make for an amazing reality tv show "THE BAND HOUSE"- Featuring the Memphis Morticians, Black Market Band, The Nailers and Rockin 69s.
And just to set the records straight- The Memphis Morticians are really that spooky- they really all even wear spooky pajamas.

5.My bed is trying to kill me. Its the stupid platform bed and it hurts my back so bad. But its huge and would be hard to get rid of, so Matt suggested we get a box spring and see how that works, as a compromise. BUT YOU CAN BET MY BEATEN KNOTTED BACK that is the box spring doesnt soften the situation, the bed is getting the pink slip! I believe my lack of sleep from pain and suffering is adding to my mentalness.

6.My new goal is to be more productive and stop letting television run my life. I dont know if it will happen, but Im trying to get some willpower here and stop the cycle. I like the consistancy of television, the ridiculous storylines, and the fact that I can tell time by television. But shenganooch, as we say in Yiddish. Its Enough. I feel as though it makes me so lazy and Im not a lazy person. My brain is always going 300 mph and I think maybe being on the couch all day is a bad thing, no? Even Ramona gets up to walk around once in awhile.

7.My mom is coming to visit next weekend and I cant wait. I havent seen her in a long time and I miss her a lot.

8.DRESSED TO KILL CLOTHING has the first line of clothing 80% ready! I have the skirts and shirts in my posession. Now they will be sent to the dye house, then need to get labels, and are ready for sale. They are seriously so cute. I dont want to jinx myself, but there are already 2 stores that want to sell the stuff, and a possibility that Fred Segal might. A friend of a friend works in the buyers office and she contacts me about sending her samples. How weird is that????? (for those of you who dont know Fred Segal, its like Barnys NY but in Cali and a little more edgey). When I hear/think about stuff of this magnitude two things go through my mind:
1. HOLYFUCKINGSHIT thats awesome, Ill actually be able to make money doing what I want to do. I hope Paris Hilton doesnt buy it.

2. WHATTHEFUCK am I gunna do now? I dont know what the hell im doing??? I feel like Helen Keller of the fashion industry! How am I gunna make this work? What will I pull out of my ass next?????

So mixed feelings. Im my own worst enemy and I get in my own way all the time. Im trying to fix that, but Im mental so I probably never will.

Ok I think I made up for lost time enough already. Im gunna go have leftovers from Thanksgiving and then go to school, or watch maury... *sigh*

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[21 Jun 2006|09:37am]
I am working really hard to get the first line for DRESSED TO KILL going. Ohmyfuckingow. Too many knots in my back. Things are moving along, of course there are major set backs and fuck ups and everything I hoped to have by heavy rebel will not be available, but what the hell. At least I will have some skirts, the tshirts, and all of my accessories that everyone seems to really enjoy.(Including the fabulous day of the dead necklaces I made with the vintage beads). Im personally excited on that.
Other than that, Last weekend was matty boys birthday, and it just went on and on! We went out thursday night- he played a show, then Friday they played in long island, then saturday they played a car show in jersey- and that was a lot of fun. We met a guy who has a clothing store called Dressed to Kill and it was the nexus of the dressed to kill universe. Additionally, he gave me a thong with a tiki on the butt floss. Akward.
mE AND Alicia were drunk and had a lot of fun. Here is the photo documentation.Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
I wanna be a rockabilly rebelllCollapse )

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[31 May 2006|11:07am]
Some things I have realized lately......

- The show BIG LOVE on HBO. I made the amazing mistake of turning it on the other day and 11 episodes later, I finished season 1 on demand. WOW. I love it, the weirdo polygomy is amazing. Im starting to really hate Chloe Sevigny though, and she used to come into Freaks so its funny.

- I really hate my ears. I know its a stupid thing to hate, and I generally think that ears are ugly period. But mine stick out and I dont like them and they are really hindering my life right now.

- I really like him
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Sometimes things get crazy, and by thing I mean things and him, but I really like and love him.

-I also really like her
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
I feel she doesnt get enough pictures on livejournal. That may be a lie... but still. PS much like in the film Hannibal, we have Sardinians training Ramona how to attack using dolls and loud screaming

SO I GOT THE SAMPLE BACK FROM THE FACTORY AND DRESSED TO KILL HAS ITS FIRST PENCIL SKIRT!!!!! So awesome. Im going to the dyehouse today. Im exaughsted.
I am seeing my boyfriends tonight, aka THE KINGS OF NUTHIN!!!!!!!!
MMmm mmmm mmmm Thems some hot piece of meat.. I mean I love their mucis. Also.. muahhahahaha

My mom is coming to visit on Friday! yay ma! Itll be nice to see her. She likes me... unlike my father who SCREAMED at me last night, which he hasnt done in like 2 years. He repeatedly told me what an idiot I am blah blah.. I think he must have taken a nap or something because he was fine earlier in the day, but when I spoke to him last night, MY GAWD. Maybe he has his period. Im getting mine....ew.
giggidy giggidy
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I think i need to kidnap Kate to come to Asbury Lanes to see them tonight! muhahahahahahha YES YOU ARE

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Conjunction junction, whats your function [25 May 2006|09:44am]
I just brought over the fabric/trimmings yesterday to the factory, and they will have my sample possibly on Monday, but definitely on Wednesday!!!!!!!
They will be making the sample pencil skirt. I am so excited, I cant believe its finally happening after so long!
Fucking yeah.
So after thats finished, I have to check out the sample, make sure we dont have to make any adjustments, then take it to be graded and have a marker made. Although im not sure how many pieces I will make, depends on the cost really, and then Ill have it graded.Then it has to go to the dye house to be dyed and tested, to make sure the fabric and shape will withstand the dye, and see how it will come off or wash with other colors. THEN IM READY! The factory will take a week to get the order out, and they are excited too because they said they wont really have so much business in this month. GREAT! Today Im meeting up with Rebecca who is doing some design work for me. We are going to plan for the shirt (or possibly shirts). I jut have to shop some more fabric and price everything out. WOW I CANT BELIEVE THIS IS HAPPENING! Sorry I just totally gave TMI and dorked out for a minute, but I want to write all this down to remind myself.
I also need to order dressed to kill clothing labels, and care labels. I have approximately 4 weeks to do all of this. And I will... oh and I will.

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[21 May 2006|10:06am]
Last night, Matt and I went on a double date with Sean and Alicia and it was so much fun!!!!!! It was funny too cause the boys set it up, and me and Alicia were laughing about it.
We went to a diner for dessert and then went to see The DaVinci Code. Man do I love the Kauffman Astoria Studios...
It was just funny to see the demographic for this movie. It was semi educational, about classic art, and religion. But the regular Kauffman Astoria crowd was in full attendance, which always includes people with children at a 10pm showing. It was really long, but I liked it a lot.. I thought it was a lot of fun and intesting to boot.
When we got outta the theatre, there were all these people talking about it like "Aww shit dawg, Whats Leonardo DaVinci got to do with Jesus????" "I dunno, man... I cant wait to see Xmen!"It was just strange and im wondering what they thought it was about.

In other news, the Chinaman from the factory is after me again.. he grabbed my arm a few times on Friday. But the sweetest deal ever is going to go down next Saturday....
My little friend that runs the factory told me that they are making a website so the factory can get retail orders. So she wanted to know if I could do the hair and makeup for the pictures for the site. I said sure.... then she tells me that they cant really pay me, but they will make me any dress I want. Which I thought OH COOL!!! But then I sat and thought a minute and said "Would you make my pattern and sample????" and she was like SURE!!!!!!!!!!!!
THIS MEANING, I get a free pattern and sample, professionally made and graded, all for doing hair and makeup. This usually costs about $200. I am soooooo excited. They will only be doing it for one style, the skirt, so the top will have to be shopped out to someone for a pattern and sample. Cause Im not doing it =)
With that being said, as soon as I bring them the measurements, they are going to have the sample made, and it will probably be done in a day. Becuase it is the same factory that I am placing my production at, they can start to work immediately after. I am going to test the sample first though.... have it dyed and then washed a bunch of times just to check for quality control things, but I CANT BELIEVE THIS IS HAPPENING!!!!!!!!!!! I guess its kinda good that the chinaman has a crush on me, I guess Ill get a good deal.. so long as he doesnt try and show me his little egroll and wantons.

School is just about done, eventhough I still have a take-home final to turn in tomorrow and a lab report that I have no clue how to do to email to my teacher, that was due last Wednesday. I went up to him and said "IM NOT DONE" and just stood there. He seemed weirded out, but my brain was fried.
I still have to finish registering for classes and whatnot, and deal with some school bullshit. But thats almost done with!

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[15 May 2006|10:11pm]
Here I sit
My life's a model kit,
But I burned the instructions and the pieces dont fit.
I eat spaghetti o's,
Turn on the stereo
And keep in mind my best case scenario

And it just clicks
The things that make me tick,
Get thrown against the wall
And i keep what sticks,
I wish with all my might
That i had a cause to fight
But i can't argue with myself tonight.

(if you are over the age of 15 and have not yet discovered the Impossibles, I fear for you, truely. Why were they so good?)

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Throw me a frickin bone people [11 May 2006|05:55pm]
So the men who are doing construction downstairs like to wake us up early.
Before I left for Florida, steph and I were home and the guys came to the door to tell us not to use the water, because they were cutting the pipes.
Of course then I had an "episode" requiring me to go to the bathroom in a code red situation.
I flushed.
Instantaneously, the doorbell rang and it was the worker standing there saying WHO FLUSHED
and I said me.
And he said "I was one second away from cutting the pipe. Whatever you flush is going to end up straight on my face"

I held it in, but then I died a little laughing that I almost turned this construction worker shithead into a literal shithead.

The bat mitzvah was fabulous... not as gaudy as I had hoped, but still amazing. It was so nice to see the fam, eventhough I didnt get a chance to hang out with anyone at all. The cousins all looked nice, and I got to play with little baby russian cousin, who is the cutest thing possibly ever.

Kate and I were at the airport in Ft Lauderdale, waiting for our luggage, and Kate says "ok whos the asshole" and points to this tiny bag going on the conveyer, and it was literally smaller than both of our purses. So we start laughing and im like "what an idiot" and we are taking turns talking about this retard who checked this tiny tiny bag. So meanwhile, it comes around the bend where we are standing, and this woman infront of us picks it up and turns around to give us this bad cheese face look. SO FUNNY. woops...

I had Laspadas. Now, I have stated just how amazing Laspadas is before, but I would really just like the reiterate how incredible their sandwiches are and why:
1. The bread. Better than subway, although there are less choices, but its soft, yet firm and has an incredible texture.
2. The meat is fresh, they cut it infront of you, not like those delis with the slimey cold cuts.
3. They use provolone, which I think is the most overlooked of all cheeses, and for that the world isnt right.
4. They offer both sweet and hot peppers.. I didnt even like them until Laspadas
5. They have middle-aged stoners working the counter. I mean, who doesnt need a little 311, Nirvana and Alice in Chains? I go in, I sing along, I get my sandwich, and while Im there Im never ashamed...even when I have the lipstick ring all over my mouth.
6. The people who work there all have relationships with each other and Im convinced that like all of the girls have been impregnated by the guys. I think they just smoke a lot of pot and forget.
7. Did I mention that after the meat, cheese and fixins, they add another layer of meat? Cause they do. And its so good.
8. The half and the whole are longer than the normal sandwich. 6" of sub just doesnt do it for me, luckily they have an 8" because size does matter.
9. They catered my 20th birthday party.
10. Their fountain coke is by far sweeter than any other fountain coke. Though it makes my stomach want to react on construction workers' heads, I love it.

Finals are this week, and I couldnt be gladder to be almost done and packin away another amazing year at FIT. Jesus mary and joseph.....
An old friend found me... and Im so glad. He was amazing.
Matt and I are going upstate for the weekend, which will be so nice. Im going to try and convince him to have sex in the car. Everyone cross your fingers.

Ok here are the pictures from the bat mitzvah....
Hora Hora Gran your Menorah.....................................................Collapse )

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Luck be a lady [02 May 2006|04:30pm]
Everything lately is making me nauceous, or full of neausea.
I am going home Thursday with Kate, to the cousins' bat mitzvah. Seriously weird.. I cant believe theyre 15. I changed their diapers. So strange.
Im almost done with school (thank god) and found out the other day that Im graduating in one more year, not a year and a half. Woooohooo. It feels like forever away already but I know it will go fast.
I think Im getting my period, so I feel really hostile and like I could lash out at any moment. I guess I should just hold my tounge until I become more clear-minded before I say anything that I should wait to say, I suppose. I just hate being unappreciated in my own time is all. Just makes you think..

In other news, I called the dye house thats going to dye the fabric that I bought/carried home and its not going to be nearly as expensive as I once had thought. I think this is actually do able and that I will have my first line of clothing by Heavy Rebel (Knock on wood). Im all busy looking at bags and label guns and all of those amazing fun business office supplies that are my favorite things ever to shop for. (Besides cheesy vintage plastic jewelry). I got this gorgeous dress from the vintage store and a new (to me) vintage bathing suit that is phenom. I put it on with my sunglasses and danced around for matt humming the Hawaii 5 O song the other day. Im also looking into purchasing an accordian, because that is my summer goal- learning to play. A.- Its something Ive always wanted to learn how to do and B.- It will bring me that much closer to Drew Carey haha
I would already have a few bands to be in! It would be so much fun. Maybe I could practice in the subway? haha Theres this creepy midget that literally has to be like 1 ft tall in the 42nd street station that sits at the bottom of the stairs (and im always wondering how she doesnt get squashed during rush hour) but shes so little. I always think about what it would be like to be her size, and how I would definitely join the circus and be on Maury, etc.
I am procrastinating doing my accounting homework, and therefore am going to fail accounting. I hope I dont, but so far.. thats the case. If I should fail, my father will probably kill me. I fail accounting at real life because I havent even filed my taxes yet. I want to delete this whole entry. It has meant absolutely nothing I guess, and no one cares, but its okay becuase no one usually reads anything longer than a paragraph unless it directly pertains to themselves, and is therefore interesting. This pertains to me and I dont even find it all that particularly interesting, Im just slowly losing my mind and need to clean the bathroom amongst other things and finish finals and go to florida,go to work, and get clothing made and ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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[27 Apr 2006|12:34am]
Kate posted this and now Im posting it....

1. Leave me a comment saying, "Interview me."
002. I will respond by asking you five questions of a very intimate and creepily personal nature. Or not so creepy/personal.
003. You WILL update your LJ with the answers to the questions.
004. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the post.
005. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.

where are we going on our adventure?
That is yet to be determined. It may be Cooney Island... it may be this pizza place in Brooklyn that uses fresh herbs they pick off of a plant in the window...Or maybe somewhere in New Jersey? Who knows really

whats the best part of living with me?
Early morning ass punches.

if you had to eat brussel sprouts or lima beans which would it be?
Lima beans. Lima beans look like ticks, but brussel sprouts look like some kind of animal abortion. So lima beans.

what did you feed ramona today (cause damn it she is gassy)'
I fed her canned chili and gave her a map of the living room with a big X marking the "spot" (aka your bed and general vacinity)

when are we having our next brownie roof pizarty?
April 20th? Oh wait, that passed... huh huhuhuhuh

Friday and Saturday are Mad Sin!!!!! Ill be setting up a booth on Saturday with all of my goodies! weeeeeeeeeeee and then next weekend im headed home for my cousin's bat mitzvah.. Whoa now, I cant believe they are fucking going to be 13. Mazel fucking tov.
I want a black pug please kthanks

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We're finished with finishing school [16 Apr 2006|02:23am]
Matt and I had a nice date yesterday. hEREs what happened..
Did I mention I love my new job? Yeah I do. I was running errands all day for them, then met up with Matt's friend Rebecca, who is going to be doing some design work for Dressed to Kill. We talked for like two hours. Then Matt and I met up downtown and went to see HARD CANDY, which I was so excited for, ya know... my weird obsession with pedaphiles. It was really really good, and a perfect medium for the two of us. Then we went to go see this band, Upper Crust. HOLY WOW. I really didnt know what I was going to think about this band, as Matt described them as "They wear powdered wigs and dress like the 17th century, but their music is like ACDC". Well, they were AMAZING!!!! Such a funny gimick but the music actually backed it up. And all of their songs go with the theme... with such hits as "My ascot, my dickie" So fucking funny. I highly recommend and we are now obsessed. I was so exaughsted by the time we got to the show, but they were worth it. Check them out.
Image hosting by Photobucket

I got a call back from MAC. My interview went really well, except that I brought Kate (aka the most super Irish freckled kinda gal) as my model, and the look that they had me create, was from a picture of J-Lo. So funny. I used some bronzer. But I got a call back for a third interview, and am planning to call Monday, so we shall see what they say. sCHOol sucks, one more year left and then Im free. Goodnight.

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[10 Apr 2006|09:46am]
I am now going to my interview at MAC ................

will update later

The interview went pretty well... I have a second one on Thursday, and I have to bring a model and do makeup. Im nervous about it... I think I wanna work there?? I do, but I dont want to get too sidetracked from the business and getting everything done, now that I have fabric and am almost ready for production. So much stuff!!! agh!

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So something actually happened.... [07 Apr 2006|06:44pm]
crazy, I know.
Its working for this bridal party company, and they make bridesmaid dresses and flower girl dresses, all in raw silk. They are two really nice young women (one of them is like 9 mo pregnant and going to drop any day). I work 4 hours a day, two days a week, and get paid really well to run around to factories and ship things out and run errands. Its awesome experience, and they are so nice and so NORMAL.I am their assistant production manager. I have never worked for normal people before.. life is so different this way.
So today on my way home from work, I stopped in this fabric place that was going out of business and found COTTON TWILL STRETCH FABRIC, white with black polkadots. Well, the guy gave me a sweet deal, and I walked out of there with 110 yds of fabric, aka the whole fucking bolt. So little old me carried godknowshowmuch pounds of fabric 5 blocks to the subway, on the subway and 2 blocks to my house. Every muscle in my body is convulsing. Ow. But how fucking sweet is that? Im going to have the fabric dyed too (i think) So it will be lime green with black polkadots. So exciting!!! It was my first HUGE investment and step towards production.

ONTOP OF THAT, I got a call today from MAC, and they want me to come in for an interview on Monday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im pretty syked about that! Then on Thursday, I have an interview to be a foot fit model for some company in soho, becuase they need a bigfoot and I conveniently am one! haha That shit pays BANK, so thats pretty cool. I went from zero jobs to like a hundred in the course of a few months. Unfuckingbelievable.

Spring Break this week (flashing the computer screen).. I am setting out to accomplish many things with the business during that time. So cool. Ok thats all the excitement for now. The end!

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[01 Apr 2006|01:06am]
Mama is soooo efuciking drunk, its so bad but swo fun! Went to Union Pool, Matts band played and so did Joeys' and some random guy bought me a drink, cause apparently im still cool. And my job is very fun. Thank!

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